My 30’s are here!

ENG: Hi!

Last Wednesday 21st I turned 30!  Feeling great and being tremendous happy!
Coming into this new ten, and with sooo many challenge to conquer, dreams to hunt and experiences to live.

My special present from Nicole for this day was, bucket up please, a trip to Stockholm and a slot for the Vikingarännet 2015!
I will give you more details about the Ice Skating Marathon Race, because I’m still astonished about the amazing pictures that I found =)

In addition, I received a day in the Therme Erding, the biggest Thermal facility in Europe.
The experience was, let say, unique, thus I could not imagine that everyone is walking naked. Into the wild, at least for me ahah
We also play for a while in the slides of the waterpark, unleashing our kids side (we are still young!)
I also was cheering at the sound of “Prost” with 40 Bavarian men, in a sauna with a surrounded of different Bayern decoration stuff. Of course, naked.
The day finished with a massage to relax and switch off and a beautiful way back to Nuremberg under a snow blizzard.

Previously, I was in a real Bavarian Geburtstag celebrated in a typical Alm. Amazing!

Definitely, a great birthday and time to move on!

Thanks all for the wishes and the ones that attend the Ludwig’s beer, you made my day =)

Dani Juan


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