TRAINING 2015: 26 to 1 February

ENG: Hi!

The planned recovery week was not as smoothie as I thought, due I felt like to push some intensity in some sessions and also adding some “switching off” running session in the mid of the week.
Anyway, not feeling tired and looking forward for a rest next weekend, thus I will be enjoying Stockholm =)

Finally recovering some good sensations in the running, not going fast but summing good meters to the total and, above all, enjoying the sessions as crazy =)
Swimming is going great, I’m much and much more used to jump into the pool and the time runs fast in the training. Let’s see next week with the kick off of the sets :O
I’m feeling good in the bike, repeating the way of training of last year, thus was really good to increase my shape in my weakness segment. That means roller and spinning sessions, but adding 2 more days per week to my grind.
In the gym, creating a “Wednesday Strength Workout” and adding more and more athletics movements, that are providing a sweet delayed muscle soreness in my whole body. I guess this is also be quite helpful for the season and to create a good base for the year.

Here the summary:
Monday: Core [20′]
Tuesday: Bike [30k] + Swim [2.000m]
Wednesday: Gym [60′] Strength + Run [5k]
Thursday: Brick Bike+Run [10k+4k+7k+3k] + Run [13k]
Friday: Bike [25k]
Saturday: Run [6k] + Swim [3.300m]
Sunday:Bike [30k] hills 1h30’+ Swim [3.200m]
TOTAL: Sw [8k] + Bi [102k] + Ru [31k] +  Gym [60′]

Dani Juan


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