UltraBoost: The Greatest Running shoe ever

ENG: Hi!

What can you expect of such an statement: “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever

I’m in the Time Out coffee place of Laces, in Adidas HQ.
There’s a big panel and screens with something important, holding on a self: The UltraBoost is finally unveil.
I approach there, grab a right shoe on my hands, and I start bending the silhouette, feeling the weight and getting surprised about the upper and heel materials, one of my favourite features of this killer. The Heel counter has made to protect your Achilles, a common injury in runners.
A list of technologies are flooding this model: Primeknit, Torsion and Boost.
Note that they eliminate in this version the famous EVA midsole, but adding +20% of Boost cushioning to have the biggest energy return in any single stride of the market.
ultraboost 2

To introduce this awesome silhouette, last week the Adidas UltraBoost was unveiled in New York.
For the event, athletes like Yohan Blake, David Villa and Chemita Martinez were there.
In the Event and for Adidas Spain, the known Valentí Sanjuan was doing the commercial, under the company Gordon Seen. He was generating buzz through the Social Media, that increased the interest of a bunch of followers of him and enthusiastic of the sport and running in general.
The video is in Spanish, but it’s quite worthy to take a look, due he shows how they converted an old bank basement of Wall Street in the spectacular place that you were afterwards seeing the presentation of the Ultraboost.

In the the campus I have started seeing pairs and reading that in some markets the pre orders are sold out.
I’m so keening in get a pair and shred the path, I will keep you updated about my impressions during training!

Dani Juan


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