TRAINING 2015: 2 to 8 February

ENG: Hi!

running stockholm
Running across Stockholm

Finishing a week with an amazing trip to Stockholm but keeping a good level of training though.
I was feeling tired some days, so I chosen the option of rest and recovery instead of pushing.
I don’t like to rest two days in the same week, but this time was a smart decision thus today I feel fully recover.

What to say about Stockholm…gorgeous and cold, with some pics in the mobile and some permanent images in my head, chasing the dawn and embracing a new day in the north of Europe.
As I said in so many post and chats to my friends…I love to run the cities and do a sightseeing while the people is still in the bed, whatever the weather is. So fan =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [30k]
Tuesday: Run [10k]
Wednesday: Gym [60′] Strength + Swim [2.600m] + Brick: [Bike 15k + Run 5k]
Thursday: Rest – Flying Stockholm
Friday: Run [11k]
Saturday: Run [8k] + Swim [3.000m]
Sunday: Rest – Flying back to Germany
TOTAL: Sw [5.6k] + Bi [45k] + Ru [34k] +  Gym [60′]

Dani Juan


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