6 benefits of do a Sightseeing Running

ENG: Hi!

One of my favorite ways of do sightseeing is losing myself through the arteries of a city.
Most of the times my legs start being keening on the run even before the landing.
They know that an amazing scouting is coming up.

What are the benefits of run a city?:

  • Moving your body after the travel, so pumping your blood and relaxing your muscles
  • Working out your orientation skills, adding this value to your training
  • Exploring corners that walking you would not reach out
  • Crossing with people of the city, being able to check if the Guide was accurate or not
  • Discovering neighborhoods and corners breathtaking and keeping them forever on your mind (or rather in your iphone)
  • The Big Pleasure of Training and a better sleeping time, after a great shower and a fine dinner
Dancing over the golden powder
Stockholm Sunrise
In the Top of Stockholm waiting for the Dawn

Are you filling your suitcase with your running shoes?

For me it’s the first piece to sort in =)

Dani Juan


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