TRAINING 2015: 9 to 15 February

ENG: Hi!

The week after a trip it’s usually a bit tricky, thus your body is struggling the changes for a while.
This changes are, basically, Timing, Food and Rhythm. Also I would add the bed, that use to be “different” to the one at home.
Therefore, I started the week with not many expectations, just letting my body (wiser than me) to steer me up, without a plan designed in advance.
Surprisingly, I felt better than expected, training intensity and reaching paces unusual for this time of the season.

First sessions in the pool with a long block of sets, playing with the 1’25” per 100m without much struggling.
Some quick sessions in the path, running down of 4′ per k and having under control the heartbeats, so great.
In the bike, feeling good in the spinning classes and the roller, where I started increasing the sessions and adding kilometer to the cuantification.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [30k] + Run [8k]
Tuesday: Bike [25k] + Swim [3.000m]
Wednesday: Gym [70′] Strength + Run [10k]
Thursday: Bike [25k]
Friday: Bike [30k] + Run [10,5k] + Swim [2.500m]
Saturday: Swim [3.500m] + Run [16k]
Sunday: Swim [3.700m]
TOTAL: Sw [12,7k] + Bi [110k] + Ru [44,5k] +  Gym [70′]

Dani Juan


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