Training in Fasting I

ENG: Hi!

Some days ago, I wrote an article for the Spanish platform officialpress (@officialpress), talking about Training in Fasting State.
This way of Training is a trendy topic and so many influencers, coach and so on, are rising their opinions about it.

Nowadays, we have not a big research about the actual benefits or inconvenient, and therefore the internet is flood by assumptions.
Even though we’ve not the facts to make this evidence reliable, I think the benefits that train without any meal in the stomach or, in other words, to start your workout in the morning without taking your breakfast or a snack, it’s quite good for us.

Let’s summarized why I’m bringing this thoughts here:


  1. Discipline: Training before the dawn makes you jump out of the bed and therefore getting your workout done, avoiding that if a unexpected topic is coming over we miss our session
  2. Energy: To wake up before the sun (or in Germany, the clouds) it’s quite tough. It’s cold, your body is lazy and your mind try to get you in the warm and cozy blankets. But you can overcome this thought and, as one of my favorite commercials says, Rise and Shine. You will be plenty of energy the whole day
  3. Motivation: The sensation of arriving to the office, say out loud with a smile “Morning” to your colleagues and feeling great with yourself: Training is on me, let’s any topic comes
  4. Health: Educate your body to workout with fast fuel, forcing him to take the fat out to move all our muscle chains

This are just some of the benefits that, in my opinion, you will get with a Fasting Training.
Do you have other reasons? Are you doing currently? Which benefits is it giving to you?

Nevertheless, this is a high complexity topic and we unfortunately have not a source to ask a lot of questions.
To try it, I will keep you posted with tips and guidelines that I recommend, stay tuned.

The extra +10%, this video to push you further:

Happy training,
Dani Juan


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