TRAINING 2015: 16 to 22 February

ENG: Hi!

Trying to keep the level up, I was training as much as possible this week.
However, my body didn’t feel as good as usual, a great sign that I’m training properly and the muscle soreness is coming over =)

On friday, I hit again the 3 sports training, a strategy that I have introduced this year with the aim of practice the 3 disciplines in one single day and also to start the weekend with less pressure or just more relaxed.
Nowadays I’m doing around 20k in the bike in fasting, 10k trail running in the hzo’s forest and finishing the day with 3.000m in the pool or so. The combination of the workload at the office plus the weekly basis make these last 2 sessions tough, but it’s just what I’m looking for, such a mental soreness.
*When Bayern give me the chance again, I will start a block into the bike, riding longer. It’s too cold currently, and if you are from Alicante as me…it’s a no go to ride outside!

On saturday I was quite destroyed after the long running session, therefore I decided to skip the swimming of the afternoon and spoil my body with a walk into the city and a coffee at the Tshibo! – getting fan of this brand –

My aim for the next week is to increase the volume until Friday, and let’s see if I push also on Saturday/Sunday or not. I think that the smartest approach is to make a recovery week to assimilate the work of the last weeks, and get the body absorb the training.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [30k] + Run [10k]
Tuesday: Bike [25k]
Wednesday: Run [10k] + Run [8k]
Thursday: Bike [15k] + Swim [2.000m]
Friday: Bike [20k]+Core [30′] + Run [10k] + Swim [3.000m]
Saturday: Run [17k] – easy, 1h18′
Sunday: Swim [4.000m]
TOTAL: Sw [9k] + Bi [90k] + Ru [55k] +  Gym [30′]

Dani Juan


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