Triathlete, How to sort your training?

ENG: Hi!

So many friends and readers ask me about how I sort my training, if I stick to the logical order in a competition or not.
If you make a bit of research or just surf in some magazine/internet, the results will show you that Swimming should be the first session of the day.
That has totally sense, thus the arguments that they provide are as follows:

  • It’s the discipline with more “technique” requirement
  • Therefore, If you are tired, your technique will be worse and your session less efficient
  • Use to be the toughest discipline for those triathletes that are not coming from the Swimming, so it’s a way to getting things done before regret or skip in the evening
  • It’s always better to train in the competition order

I do agree with this approach, but I normally do it differently.

Are you following the recommendations? Or do you have your own formula?
I will tell you mine in the next post, stay tuned!

Dani Juan


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