TRAINING 2015: 9 to 15 March

ENG: Hi!

This week I have started to introduce the variable Intensity into my trainings.
After a solid 3 months base building the structure for the whole year, I think is moment to get some speed and start with the intensity training, to approach closer to the competition style.

Therefore, on Wednesday I was training with a colleague, a country skiing animal with sub 5h in the Vasaloppet and a couple of Hawaii World Triathlon Championships. In addition, he is a professional coach and is preparing professional triathletes, so I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to train with him every now and then. It seems we close a deal of 1 session/week frequency =)

The session was ridiculous great, with a tough set block in the treadmill playing with the inclination and the speed. I strongly recommend to introduce this kind of sessions once per week, thus you can control the speed and gradient flawless and the work is quite effective. Hereby the session:
[10′ warm up]+[6x(2% 2×30” @16k/h /20” out)+(4% 2×30” @16k/h /20” out)+(0% 1′ @16k/h /30” out)] + [12′ calm down]. Set 1 @16k/h, 2 @16,5k/h, 3 @17k/h, 4 @17k/h, 5 @16,5k/h, 6 @16k/h). Enjoy =)

On the other hand, I made my first competition on Saturday, in the 10k of Neuhaus.
As I said above, I’m only starting to introduce speed and sets in training, therefore I’m quite slow so far.
Anyway, I will write about the race, thus was a good outcome to learn about: Racing above your current pace in the first kilometres and paying the fine afterwards.
I finished 3rd Age Group, with a time of 38’19”. Good time for this moment of the season, disaster in terms of sensations and race strategy.

Here the summary:
Monday: Gym [30′] + Bike [20k]
Tuesday: Run [10k]
Wednesday: Bike [25k] + Swim [1.200m] + Run [12,5k] sets
Thursday: Swim [2.000m] with 10×100 @1’45”
Friday: Bike [25k]+ Swim [2.000m]
Saturday: Run [10k] – Neuhaus Competition -38’19”
Sunday: Bike [45k] roller + MTB [22k]
TOTAL: Sw [4.000m] + Bi [137k] + Ru [32,5k] +  Gym [60′]

Dani Juan


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