TRAINING 2015: 16 to 22 March

ENG: Hi!

During this week I have been traveling around the north of Italy, in a business trip and therefore the training was not as easy as usual to stick in my calendar.
Anyway, I could make some impact and quality sessions, so I think I saved the week quite ok.
I would like to share with you some of my strategy to combine either business trip and training. I already did several videos for official press (in spanish) but I will write some lines with my tips.

In terms of training and as I said in the previous posts, I’m already pushing the pedal into intensity sessions. Therefore, the practices are being shorter but with a higher heartbeat pace.
I’m going ahead with the weekly training with Robert and I’m starting feeling more confortable with short sets and intervalic training sessions.

In the pool i’m swimming less than usual, but I try to train in sets to build the anaerobic system. I’m not worried in that one, thus I accumulated a bunch of kilometers in the first stage of the year and I have this buffer that allow me to focus in other block coming up: The Bike
The weather is changing and I think I will be able to ride outside after Easter and also to commute to the office, that add around 60k each riding day to the total. This formula was great last year to build a base in my weakest discipline.

Next week is Spain Calling and I can’t be more excited and looking forward to have 9 days with my family, friends and in my country. Training plan it’s going to be “on the go”, so nothing special planned, just to enjoy my paths, my pool and the priceless company that is waiting there to me.

Here the summary:
Monday: Crosstrainer [7k] + Run [11,5k]
Tuesday: Run [10k] – Traveling Milano
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run [10k]
Friday: Run [11k] +  Run [9k] with 6×1.000m at 3’32”
Saturday: Swim [2.000m] – Feeling weak and deciding to quit 1k before the plan
Sunday: Swim [3.000m] – Same bad feeling of yesterday + Bike [15k]
TOTAL: Sw [5k] + Bi [15k] + Ru [58,5k] +  Gym [0]

Dani juan


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