TRAINING 2015: 23 to 29 March

ENG: Hi!

Quick update from Spain and one day delayed, sorry!
Sets are on I’m training intensity, sets and enjoying the feeling of getting faster everyday.

Treadmill sets are being more than amazing, letting me control and mantain high speed and adding gradient, to workout specific strength.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [20k] + Run [11k] – intervals
Tuesday: Bike [20k]
Wednesday: Swim [2.500m] + Run [11,5k] – intervals 10’wu+3x[5′(1’@17.1 k/h+1’@12.5k/h)+5’@12.5k/h]
Thursday: Swim [2.500m]
Friday: Run [10k] +  flying to Spain
Saturday: Run [6k] + Swim [3.000m]
Sunday: Run [10k] with 6×1.000/1’30” + Run [8k]
TOTAL: Sw [8k] + Bi [40k] + Ru [56,5k] +  Gym [0]

Dani Juan


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