TRAINING 2015: 30 to 5 April


A marvellous week in Spain spending my time between family and friends to refuel my batteries to the second trimester of the year.
The sun was stunning everyday, so I am bit tanned (or better, burned!). This is what we have here: You don’t need to flight over the ocean to hit a Caribbean beach or a idyllic resort, you just have to take a plane to Alicante and enjoy the mixture between beach, cuisine, people and well living. The term “#alifornia” is more than accurate!

In terms of training, these days have been good as well. I just miss a couple of long rides, but it was not possible to get a bike and go up to the “Albaterolo” (or as in my Albatera we say “El Hondón“). The early idea was to make a strong block of strength over the bike, thus I miss this steady uphill routes in Germany, but I adapted to the available tools and made a strong block swimming-running.

Moreover, I was racing a 10k in El Campello (Alicante), in a traditional race that is celebrated every year in Easter, concretely on Friday. Is not about the race or the town, but to run with your friends and in Spain, a side that I miss a lot during the year in Germany.
Time was good and sensations better, thus I didn’t felt I pushed to the limit and I could hit a faster time, so training is working well so far. My finally time was 38’10”, far away of the target of the season but again, great for this period of the preparation and the sensations.

Here the summary:
Monday: Swim [3.700m] + Run [10k] – with 4×2.000/2’30”
Tuesday: Swim [3.500m] + Run [11,5k]
Wednesday: Swim [3.500m] + Run [11,5k]
Thursday: Swim [2.800m]
Friday: Run [10k] – El Campello 10k – 38’10” – 56 overall 20 age group
Saturday: Swim [2.500m]
Sunday: Run [12k]
TOTAL: Sw [16k] + Bi [0k] + Ru [55k] +  Gym [0]

Dani Juan


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