TRAINING 2015: 6 to 12 April

ENG: Hi!

Spring has arrived to Bayern and it’s time to ride outside and to build the last (and probably the most important) block for the season: The Bike.
It’s been a while since last race-bike-riding outside, probably since October last year.
During the winter, I was trying to sum some kilometers in the roller and the spinning sessions, but though is great, it would be never the same to ride your bike across the road.
All this windy, sun, storm, cold and above all, astonish landscapes, can’t be compare with a virtual class.

Therefore, I have started commuting to the office, riding around 55k per day in two ways. My idea is to start adding days to the calendar, and as soon as the weather allows me, to enlarge some of the sessions during the week.
This year, the aim is to increase this commuting sessions and decrease the long riding on the weekends, thus I also want to speed up in other topics.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [35k] with 6x(4’hard-2’easy) + Squash [60′]
Tuesday: Run [12k] – treadmill sets
Wednesday: Bike [25k] + Run [12,5k] – steady, 4’25” pace + Gym [30′]
Thursday: Swim [2.100m] + Bike [15k]
Friday: Bike [21k] + Bike [25] – Office Commuting
Saturday: Run [10k]
Sunday: Run [13,5k] + Swim [2.500m]
TOTAL: Sw [4.6k] + Bi [121k] + Ru [48k] +  Gym [30′]

Dani Juan


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