Sleep more, Perform better I

ENG: Hi!

I would like to share with you the last post that I have written to officalpress.
In this serial, I’m talking and advising about the problems associated to sleep, and how your performance is being dramatically affected due to this factor.

It’s been a while since I arrived to Germany, to join to the “Three stripes company“, so to Adidas.
In the beginning, like any change in our life, I had some indicators affected during my settle down. One of them was dramatically affected: My Sleep

The first months I thought it was something temporary, addressing the problem to the new life, to be living in a hotel and also a part of missing my family and friends.
Unfortunately, the months were going ahead and the quality of my sleeping was not improving though.
Moreover, my daily basis were affected, thus my performance in training was going down and in the office I was more tired than usual. My aspect was not the best either.
During the night, I was early at the bed, I felt slept but I was waking up frequently, so eventually I was turning the laptop on and doing some stuff.
Therefore and reviewing all of this, in Christmas I decided to fix this issue, thus I was not willing of not unleashing all my skills due to a Sleepless mood.

Like any strategy to win a battle, I analyzed the problem and draw a plan to overcome.
Sometimes I write about the importance of set up small steps to reach and objective, instead of draw a line directly.

In this serial, I would tell you my experience with my Sleep and how I’m trying to solve it, resting more and better and being already more active.
Unleash your potential!

Dani Juan


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