TRAINING 2015: 13 to 19 April

ENG: Hi!

After a great Adidas GBC opening on Sunday 12th, the week started quite inspired, with energy and ready to bite any challenge.
The speeches were phenomenal and the event was awesome: Sport everywhere, tents, a bunch of different foods and drinks, people laughing and in a great mood, Rudimental playing in live…an all under a sunny evening over Herzogenaurach.

The bike volume has been increased dramatically, trying to come as much as possible to the office riding but also not missing my running and swimming sessions. A good block is planned and I’m ready to smash (and suffer) it!

In terms of the other two disciplines, I’m feeling good in running and also in swimming, even though I’m not swimming as large as in the previous weeks, I feel sliding good.

On Saturday, I was in the olympia park of München taking part in the Spartan Race, Aro!!
The race is not one of my favourites, but to run with Nicki under a mad atmosphere was fair enough and funny!!

Here the summary:
Monday: Swim [2.000m] + Run [9,5k]
Tuesday: Bike[21k] + Bike [21k]
Wednesday: Bike [25k] + Run [9.5k] + Bike [25k]
Thursday: Bike [25k] + Swim [2.500m] + Run [9.5k] + Bike [25k]
Friday: Swim [2.300m]
Saturday: Run [10k] – Spartan Race! [5k]
Sunday: Run [12k] + Core [30′]
TOTAL: Sw [4.3k] + Bi [142k] + Ru [55,5k] +  Core [30′]


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