Sleep more, Perform better II


Following with the second post of Sleep for OfficialPress, I would like to catch up this topic from the beginning.
During the last 20 months, my sleep quality sucks, therefore all the factors that I mentioned were totally mad, going in a unusual rhythm and making me being destroyed.

In the beginning of the problem, I thought it was merely something quite normal, addressing the move and the new life to the roots of the disorder. Soon after and checking that the situation was not getting improved, I started asking myself what could be the reasons and more important, how could I fix it to get a better conditions in my daily basis.
In Christmas, with a Moleskine, a pen and a Resolutions list in front of me, I wrote “Rest More” and, 4 months later, I would add “and Better“.

Therefore, I draw a plan to overcome this disorder. Here the 1st Action of my approach:

  1. Create a Routine:
    Fix a time in your calendar and try to stick to it.
    If you like to watch TV before sleeping, set up a limit time to do so, and ensure a 7-8h of continious rest, if possible.
    Set up an alarm if necessary, to avoid to fall sleep in the couch and wake up in the middle of the night.
    Ensure to be awake the day after on time, so activate your workdays-alarm in advance.

We have the 1st Action plan.
Ready for the second?

Dani Juan


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