TRAINING 2015: 20 to 26 April

ENG: Hi!

Easy week to let my body assimilate last week training.
I was riding to the office 3 days, with an easy pace and some intervals on TT. Nothing strong, but second week in a row that I’m adding kilometers over the bike.
The idea is now start doing more brick sessions and also faster intervals in the bike, trying to prepare my body for the competition.
Ideally, I would start this bike block 2 months ago, pushing longer sessions with easy pace, but as here is not possible (or I’m not willing to) ride outside during winter, I’ve to modify my first approach and try to adapt to the situation.
In the pool and running, feeling good, not doing long sessions at all but trying to keep the level and try new things, as some test of 400m in the pool @competition pace.

I also start using Strava (@Dani Juan), a great platform that I’m digging deeper and uploading my training over there.
As you know, I’m tester of Adidas SmartRun, and I’m more than happy using this device. The accuracy after last update is highly reliable!
I was doing a comparison of 3 running sessions last week, in on wrist the Adidas SmartRun and in the other the Garmin 310xt. The results were quite similar, but the Adidas SmartRun was even more accurate than the Garmin. Well done micoach!!

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [6k] – Chamber Test
Tuesday: Bike[21k] + Swim [2.200m] + Bike [25k]
Wednesday: Bike [21k] + Bike [21k]
Thursday: Run [6k] + Swim [2.000m] + Run [9.5k]
Friday: Bike [21k] + Bike [60k]
Saturday: Run [19k]
Sunday: Swim [3.000m]
TOTAL: Sw [7,2k] + Bi [170k] + Ru [40,5k]

Dani Juan


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