TRAINING 2015: 27 to 3 May

ENG: Hi!

Half week in Germany and half week in…Spain!!! How great is to be back at home to spend some days with the family, friends etc etc.
However, that usually makes to follow the plan more difficult, due to different reasons:

  1. You have a lot of appointments and visits
  2. Being honest…you want to spend time with your people and doing things that you miss during the whole year. Eg. The Beach!

I attended to a wedding of one of my first friends of my Bachelors in Sports Science, meeting really good friends and sharing such a funny and great time with them. How good is to see each other after a while.

Anyway, the training was not bad at all, pushing the first part of the week and trying just to set up some workouts during the second leg.
Acceptable and I guess also great to rest my body a bit, so this week I will be able to push in the beginning and arrive to the first triathlon of the season with energy.
I’m so keening on competing!!

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [20k] + Run [9,5k]
Tuesday: Swim [2.000m] + Brick Session – warmup (bike 2.5k) + 3x[8’bike+8’run] -3x(5k-2k) + calmdown (5k)
Wednesday: Run [9.3k] + Swim [2.700m]
Thursday: Swim [2.500m] + Run [9k]
Friday: Swim [2.000m] + Bike [20k] – Climb
Saturday: Run [9.5k]
Sunday: Rest – Flying back Nürnberg
TOTAL: Sw [9.3k] + Bi [63k] + Ru [44.5k]

Dani Juan


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