Sleep More, Perform Better III


Here we go with the third post of how to improve our sleeping quality.
In the last post we were talking about the Time Set up to head to the bed. I assume you have yours activated in your mobile, didn’t you?
That’s great, thus we are closer to overcome successfully our Objective number 1.
Once done, is time to move on and write the Objective number 2: Switch off.

Nowadays, we live in such a hectic environment, moving fast and with countless activities to flag into our daily schedule. Job, sport activities, hobbies etc. are fighting in our calendar and shouting for its time.  One of the big problems is that we have not strength enough (or a lack of attitude/motivation) to hit all the targets. Therefore, we miss some of sessions and pick rest (that I totally respect) most of the days.
In the end, this pace make us to face stress and not to taste all the daily activities set up in our scope.
Hence, my approach to switch off completely and recover energy, either mental and physical:

  • Not email checking after the dinner time
  • Speak with your partner, with your mum, your family or the one is in front of you
  • Switch on your favorite music playlist while cooking and let your body dance
  • Take a bath, not a shower, and enjoy the moment. Set fire to a candle

Are you still reading? Please shut your laptop down and enjoy the evening, you deserve it!

Dani Juan



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