Triathlon Season 2015: München Olympia Park Triathlon


This season, as I said in the former posts, I’m not going to compete in medium and/or long distances.
Reason is, basically, because I’m more keening on do more races, shorter ones and not to be extremely tired after races such a half ironman or so.
Therefore, I draw this season with different venues and distances, from Sprint distances until Olympics.
The training has not change a lot though, thus I’m training at the same level of last year, avoiding some long rides but pushing more short and intense sessions.
I’m enjoying the sensation of intensity again, remember those days where Football was my sport.
In terms of expectations, I’m not fast enough to compete with the fastest guys in a Sprint distance, so my aim is just to enjoy 2015 races. I realized that I can maintain a steady strong pace in an IronMan 70.3 from the swimming, and actually my best results come in this distance, but I have always time to race again a half ironman and the training base is set up.

As I said in the beginning of the post, the first race is here and I will be competing in the MRRC Stadt-Triathlon München next Sunday.
The race is set up in a distance of 400/21/4.5 with a swimming in the Olympia Park pool (50m) by waves, a bike in a 5 laps way with not possibility to be in tt and a 2 final laps of running with some staircase and so on.
With this scenario and taking in consideration I’m going with the TT bike, I will just try to enjoy the venue and have a great fun over there.
The aim is to start finding good sensations and detecting mistakes, to work on it for the coming races.

I will keep you posted in my Sunday’s post!

Cheers and fire away,
Dani Juan


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