TRAINING 2015: 4 to 10 May


And the first triathlon competition of the year has come! I was so keening on compete again and try all the triathlon gear after a tough race year last season.
The first race is always unknown, thus we usually are just starting the season and we have not enough quality training on the body.
Also the transitions and how the body is going to assimilate is quite random.
In my case and living in Germany, I feel good swimming and running, but not with a strong bike block in my legs and a null transition specific training.
Anyway, this races are so funny and the Olympia Park is such a venue to kick 2015’s season off!
The race was better than expected, losing some value minutes in the bike due I didn’t recognize the course the day before, but it’s ok though.
Podium in my age group and a more than decent 31st overall, so to be happy and with a room to be more in front in coming events, with a better shape as well.
I will write a post soon about the race with more details.

On the other hand, incredible to spend the weekend in Munchen, doing a couple of bbq in the garden with such an amazing sunset and great weather. Smelling spring and counting down for a promised summer =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [10k]
Tuesday: Bike [21k] + Swim [2.000m] + Bike [23k]
Wednesday: Bike [21k] + Strength Circuit [60′]
Thursday: Bike [21k] + Run [8k] + Bike [22k]
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Activation Bike+Run [30′]
Sunday: MRRC Stadt-Triathlon München – 1h04’54” – 3rd Age Group, 31st Overall
TOTAL: Sw [2.4k] + Bi [130k] + Ru [25k]

Dani Juan


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