MRRC München Triatlon – Sum up


It was a pleasure to compete in the MRRC Olympia Park of München surrounded of enthusiastic people swimming, biking and running.
The cheers from the spectators were also amazing, flooding the symbolic park of the Olympic Games of 1972.
The weather was great, with a stunning sun and only some parts with the hated wind that shakes our bikes like a lightly feather.

Regarding the race, the organization was quite ok I would say.
The Swimming started in the Olympia Pool, jumping into the water by waves of 8′ each.
The transition area was amazing, over a natural grass in perfect conditions to run barefoot and close to every exit.
The Bike was the worse I would say. If it’s your first triathlon, the venue is perfect to enjoy an easy 4 loops park ride, but if you have some experience and want to compete, the maze and the pavement are so bad for your TT bike.
The Running, tougher than expected, with 3 loops where we were facing a painful 500m uphill, that made the participants to struggle for a few. For my conditions, was perfect, thus gave me the possibility to push and overtake some positions that I lost during the biking.
MRRC Munchen Triathlon 2015 3 MRRC Munchen Triathlon 2015

In general, I enjoyed a lot, and was great to get back into competition after a while. Also to race in Nicole’s hometown, it’s always to feel like at home!
Regarding my shape, as I wrote in my previous post, I can’t perform as good as the sprint distance specialists. There are people that is flying from the beginning, incredible to see how they overtake me with a relaxed face. Respect!

Special mention to part of the TEAMadidas smashing the race, was great to see you there!!
MRRC Triathlon München 2015 (2)

Finally, my position was 31st overall and 3rd Age Group, so something to be so happy :).
I’m totally new in this distance and I started in triathlon the other way around (so basically from Ironman70.3, Ironman and this year short distance), so all this super intensive sensations are new for me.

Moreover, this year my idea is to train and compete in a different level of the last one. I feel I want to do other sports (as football, for example) more often, try some biking routes, travel more often and so on. Therefore, don’t expect so much of the Season 2015 =)

And that’s all folks!

Next race, Ingolstadt Olympic Triatlhon!

Dani Juan


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