Steven Gerrard


What’s defines loyalty?
To sign in with a club when you are 9 years old and retires 25 years later, with the same jersey and int he same stadium, could be a great example of it.

Smashing 709 games, scoring 185 goals, winning 10 trophies but, above all, being the big captain of the team and the should of many different bunch of players, trainers and so on.
A world class midfielder also representing his nation team during Eurocups and Worldcups, where he also was captain during a while.

I was delighted by Steven Gerrard when Rafa Benitez was hired by the club.
This “Spanish Liverpool” made our whole nation to feel closer to The Reds, and for sure Gerrard was one of the players to admire. We learnt the anthem and -try- to sing out loud when The Red’s were playing.

As an Adidas player, the Three Stripes Brand made an special commercial quote as “Farewell to a Legend”.

Also, Adidas created a special Predator Instinct to marks this special day in his career.
boots 2boots

Yesterday Anfield’s made a more than deserved farewell to him and the family.
The last appearance of the 8th in an official game.
You’ll never walk alone…

Dani Juan


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