TRAINING 2015: 11 to 17 May


Living on a saddle during this week and reaching one of my longest riding weeks ever, with around 380k and some extra city kilometers that I did not quantify.
Commuting everyday to the office is great, not only for the pleasure of an easy riding before and after work but also for all the benefits that this brings. I will write a post with more details =)
It’s always easier when you have a partner and you ride in such a priceless company as Nicki. She is only starting with a road bike but already pushing me and showing every now and then the front wheel. Let’s see how she improves but looks like she is going to kill me soon =)

On Thursday it was bank holidays in Germany and therefore I decided to train in the morning. The plan was to do a 2 hours easy riding, thus I competed last Sunday, but eventually the day was stunning and I felt great on the bike, so I pushed until 104k, in around 3h25′. Most of this session was on TT, trying to make some intervals and getting used again to the position.
When I’m riding with the backpack, I don’t use the time trial position, because it’s not comfy and I’d rather to go in a more natural way.
Afterward a good riding across Bayern, I made a brick to a running workout, but I was quite weak and dizzy, because my first idea was to ride shorter and therefore I didn’t eat properly. Anyway I suffered but ticked 8k through the Pegnizt. The siesta was also memorable!
If you want, please add me in your Strava and we can follow and motivate each other.
TT Training

Regarding the swimming and the running, taking it easy. The reason is that I was doing a strong block in both disciplines during the winter and missing my riding outside, and now I’m trying to compensate and balance the three disciplines. Also, my buffer to improve the swimming and running are definitely shorter than my biking, so if I’m able to ride better during the competition, I expect to be higher in the rank.

This week I’m going to Spain to enjoy some days in the beach, visit the family and friends and be the guide for some schönen leute of Deutschland, so it will be an easy week without planning Wednesday onward.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [21k] + Bike [21k] + Run [5k]
Tuesday: Bike [21k] + Swim [1.800m] + Bike [30k]
Wednesday: Bike [25k] + Run [3k] + Bike [26k]
Thursday: Bike [104k] + Run [8k]
Friday: Bike [25k] + Bike [45k]
Saturday: Run [16,5k] + Swim [3.000m]
Sunday: Bike [47k]
TOTAL: Sw [4,8k] + Bi [364k] + Ru [32k]

Dani Juan


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