2nd Anniversary in Germany


This week is my second anniversary living in Germany.
I arrived on May 17th to Erlangen, driving 3 days (I took it easy and visit Barcelona and Lyon) through Spain and France with my car and without GPS. What an adventure =)

During this two years, my life has changed a lot, I have met amazing people and I’m more than happy living here and working for Adidas.
I already feel the roads and paths as mine, a similar (but not the same!) sensation when I’m in Spain, at home.
My lifestyle also changed to a more German way, in terms of food, more bike commuting and schedule.
To sum up and to highlight this special date, I made a speech yesterday at home, thus my iphone was running out of storage space and I was cut off during my running session.

Happy also to say out loud that my Spanish accent is still here and I love it, my deutsch is going better (actually is still so weak) and I’m growing in my professional career, something important to stay here longer =)

Cheers and thanks for all the support that you send to me daily!



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