TRAINING 2015: 18 to 24 May


Easy week to recover a bit my legs from the last one. I was from Wednesday night onwards in Spain, so that’s the reason I didn’t push so much on the bike.
Instead of, I was running and swimming to fill that gap, and also enjoying some easy days laying down in the beach, reading a book and tasting a great company around me.
Moreover, I was on Thursday in the physiotherapist, letting my friend Canillas to fix some pieces that are not broken but slightly touched, so I’d rather prevent an injury that healing instead.

The weather around Nuremberg-Hzo was not as good as last week, and on Tuesday I struggle a lot during the bike ride. The wind was terrible, in an area that is totally uncovered and when the wind comes from the lateral, the aero bike shakes your body as hell. Anyway, was good to find it funny and such a good training even with the bad weather. That’s something also new for me, to enjoy the riding in whatever the elements brings.

Unfortunately, on Saturday onwards I started felting a soreness in my quads, pulling me away of training. I guess is just a over training or simply a temporary ache, but let’s see the coming days. It’s always good to rest a bit though!

Here the summary:
Monday: Swim [2.000m] + Run [21,5k] – From the Office to Home
Tuesday: Bike [30k] + Swim [1.800m] + Bike [40k]
Wednesday: Brick Session: Bike [17k] + Run [5k]
Thursday: Swim [2.000m]
Friday: Run [12k] + Swim [1.000m]
Saturday: Swim [1.000m]
Sunday: Strength circuit [30′] – KO when running
TOTAL: Sw [6k] + Bi [87k] + Ru [38,5k]

Dani Juan


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