Actionable Post – Commute to the office


A rush of thoughts come into my mind when I’m training, sometimes even ideas (good or totally stupid ones most of the times). Last Thursday, while doing a long riding session over the bike around Bayern, I realized that I’m spinning more than ever.
It’s quite curious, thus I was basically living for 27 years in Spain, with an endless Spring weather during at least 10 months every year, and not having a road bike or, even worse, taking the car to move my ass to take a coffee 2 kilometers far away from my home. What a shame.

Since 2 years ago, my anniversary with Germany was on May 17th, I’m commuting with my bike in the warm months of the year. I started in my first year as part of my IronMan preparation, increasing the sessions last summer due to a way of add kilometers to my poor bike level and improve this segment in the triathlons and enjoying the real pleasure of commute at least 4 days/week from Nuremberg to Adidas HQ.

What I really would like to point out here is that you can grab all the benefits of commuting to your office in a different way of a car/bus/train, if possible:

  • Training: 2 sessions added to your day
  • Socializing: Create recurrent appointment with some colleagues to commute together
  • Activation: To wake up and boost your body, arriving fuel of energy to the office
  • Fit: Spinning is going to burn some calories out and also to strength your low body
  • Lifestyle: Adapting healthy habit to your routines
  • Savings: Get your car park and forget to refuel, your legs are your weapons now

There are so many tricks to adapt this routine without many effort, thus we want to acquire this to last in time and not to be burn off the second week.
I will give you in following post what would be a logical and achievable progression to reach this goal.

Maybe you need to think in cancel your subscription for the train/bus/tube for the coming months, don’t you?

Dani Juan


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