Challenge: Ready for the beach I

Hi! The summer is around the corner and so many people is trying to lose some weight to achieve a “beach body“. We can see season by season free plans in different magazines, diets and supplements advice that promise us this six pack to shine in the beach (I think the shinning is more about the oil you put on, but no discussion on that one!). First of all, I’m not a big fun of this seasonal goals, I’d rather to maintain an optimal/ideal balance during the whole year, but for this lately birds, here we go =) We should start with a Plan. I know I’m sometimes quite repetitive, but without a proper plan we will be not as efficient as we could. Hence, let’s set a Goal and deconstruct it. Think big, but don’t be too ambitious. We can do it, but it’s quite easier when we climb small mountains before to face the Everest.

  • Set up your final Goal
  • Draw a plan-timeline with your weeks
  • Deconstruct this goal into weekly achievements
  • Add everything you consider important
    • Training
    • Diet
    • Habits
    • etc.
  • Track your results
  • Don’t forget to add a rewards day to keep your motivation up
  • Enjoy the Journey and unleash stress

I will go through this elements in the coming posts, giving some tips that I’m using and are working. Take in consideration this is a journey and you need to enjoy the road, otherwise you’ll probably give up. And we don’t understand the words give up. Are you ready? Cheers, Dani Juan


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