New Category in the Blog: Food and Fit


Most of my friends and readers ask me often about what I eat.
As many times I said, I’m not a diet believer and I have never follow a diet in my life.
The main reason of it, as follows:

  • I do believe in healthy habits, rather than in strict food plans
  • Food is something that you can and should find tasty and therefore enjoy
  • The statement “I’m so hungry when dieting” is an indicator of a wrong plan
  • Yo-Yo effect uses to appear after a while
  • There are only small goals but no mid/long terms achievements
  • We use to forget to draw in our timeline the secret toping: Sports or Physical Activity

Hence, I have decided to create a new category – Food and Fit where I will tell you several tips and step-by-step about how you can use healthy tricks when cooking and how to cheat your receipts to a “sporty-version” with less calories and more benefits.

Stay tuned because this could create an Iron-Habits and smash all your former diets.
And do not forget…to create a big impact we would need to stick some sport/physical activity to the menu.

Dani Juan


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