TRAINING 2015: 25 to 31 May


Bad week in terms of training. Feeling my quads extremely stiff and holding me back for running.
I started feeling a soreness last Sunday morning when I was in Spain, with such a record distance of 300m. Therefore, I stopped, and I did some walking and a strength circuit in a park.
The day after, I felt better, so I tried to run through Nürnberg. After 5k, the quads (this time both) went stiff and up, so I decided (or I was forced to) stop and stretch for a while.
I ran back home with a slow pace and soreness, maybe something not smart, thus I felt destroyed 20′ after arrive home.

On Tuesday, the pain was still there, so I rejected my biking commuting and only went for a smoothie swimming during the lunch.
In the afternoon, I tried myself in the roller, a good 25k with no pain and an easy spinning.
Then on Thursday, I had a running test for Adidas in the chamber, the final test to check my quads out and the status. It was good, no soreness and the proof that I was eventually (more or less) fine. Also, I was pushing some kilometers on the bike, doing the windy road that is tough but great to train my endurance though. This part was quite positive and worthy for the training log.

Saturday morning, we headed to Regensburg (pretty worthy to visit) to check a new bike. I’m having some problems in the neck due to the TT position, so taking this in consideration and, above all, that I was so keening in a new weapon, I eventually got a Specialized Tarmac to come to the office and make some long rides =).
A video and post is coming soon, but as appetizer:

Sunday with kayaking canoeing and switching off. Such a great way to finish the week =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [11k] – quads problems on 6k
Tuesday: Swim [2.000m] + Bike[25k] – roller
Wednesday: Bike [28k] + Swim [1.800m] + Bike [30k]
Thursday: Bike [31k] + Run [7k] – Chamber test + Bike [42]
Friday: Bike [26] + Swim [2.000m] + Bike [23k]
Saturday: Run [10k] – Negative split, around 40′
Sunday: Kayaking
TOTAL: Sw [5.8k] + Bi [205k] + Ru [28k]

Dani Juan


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