Nature Breezes – Bike touring around Bavaria

Hi Folks!

We’ve new adventures popping up right now!
This time, we are planning to make a bike-tour around Bavaria.

But let’s take a look back of how Nature Breezes was born: In Germany we have bank holidays on June 4th. Therefore, I was talking with Nicki about the possibility to do a trip with our bikes (and the backpacks) and be closer of the nature, discover new places, enjoy the landscapes and do something healthy. She replies with a “of course, let’s do it!” and we started searching different alternatives, fitting with our availability, logistics and so on.

Hence and after asking some colleagues (thanks for your support Robert!) we had over the table 3 approaches:

  1. Bodensee-Königssee
  2. 3 Flüsse Radweg
  3. Via Claudia Augusta

Afterwards writing the pros and contras, we decided to do an hybrid of the Bodensee route but starting in Munich instead of Lindau. So, in the end, it was something more practical to avoid taking training to the starting route and back.
Hereby our first plan:
Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 00.39.40In total we don’t know exactly, thus we have a room to change the route in any given moment, but the idea is to ride around 110-130k/m the first two days and take an easy last day.

Our material:

  • Road Bike
  • Backpack
  • Cycling tights and jerseys (x2)
  • Rain jacket, techfit base layers, socks and trunks (x2)
  • Bike shoes + Running shoes (x1)
  • Jeans, a tee and a towel (x1)
  • Devices: GoPro Hero 3, Garmin Edge 1000, Garmin 310xt and Adidas FitSmart
  • Others: Spare tyres, gels (x2), bars (x2) and my swimming goggles (just in case!)
    Total Weight: 4,8kg per backpack

    Our Material for the Trip!

To sum up, we are looking forward to start our mini bike-holidays and enjoy some days surrounded by beautiful landscapes, places to discover (and maybe to be lost!) and above all to have a lot of fun spinning!

Stay tuned!
Dani Juan


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