Nature Breezes – The summary

Hi all!

On Wednesday we took the car and drove to Munich, with the purpose of avoiding the car on Thursday. Therefore, we put our bikes, backpacks and all the stuff that we need for our trip: The Bike-Tour had started! A dinner in the terrace under a delicious night and heading to the bed, to be ready to face the first stage.

On Thursday, our initial plan was to depart at 10.00am or so, with enough time in case we get lost or just stay longer at some lake =). I woke up at around 7.00am to prepare the last details, as the bike pumping, the checking of the spare tyres etc. The biggest issue to face was the Garmin Edge 1000 preparation, that I bought the day before to guide us along the trip and also because I’m a geek…The set up was longer than I expected, the maps download didn’t work in the end, due to internet problems etc. So finally, we started pedalling at 12.30. Late but…On the way!!

Leaving Eching!

The first flag was pinned on Bad Tölz, something around 120k far away from Eching (Munich). A pit stop in the Ammersee with a mandatory jump into the lake and 70k to the odometer.

Ammersee splash

The biking was going amazing, but we were a bit lost and therefore with more kilometers in our legs. This and a last hilly part made the last part tough. But after 5h40′ and 135k, we hit the city! Just one more climb and the Hotel Milano welcomed us. Fast shower and running (or actually dragging downstairs) to eat a pizza and a yummy tiramisú.

IMG_6764On Friday, I woke up early and went for a run to sightseeing the city. I discovered two things: It’s located in a valley, meaning you barely can avoid go uphill or downhill and the river Isar is as long as beautiful in some of its parts. Easy 7k running in fasting to unleash my stiff legs and  getting ready for a huge breakfast!

Early running along the Isar

After enjoying the first meal of the day, we packed again and typed our next destiny in the GPS: Wasserburg. The first part of the riding was a challenge. We started climbing and going valley-to-valley, with some 14% positive gradient and started feeling the legs punishment of Thursday.

Summit after 60′ climbing

On kilometer 40k and facing the next hill, Nicki kissed the street. Fortunately, nothing serious, just a wound in the elbow and a bruise in her hand. She arise and after some nervous moments, we started laughing: “the potato sack” was born.
We made a stop in Raubling to eat something and we were discussing the following steps. In the end and using common sense, we rode until Wasserburg (as planned) and went to Munich to enjoy an incredible bbq on the garden staring at the sunset. What a delicious night! Thanks to the m&m’s for such a treatment =)
This day we hit 95k with a challenging profile but also beautiful countryside parts with none in the road.

a bbq watching the sunset is always a good choice

On Saturday, we changed the route, but not the goal. We planned to ride around Munich area and head until the Ruder-Regatta München where the Munich 1972 Olympics Games took place. It was my first time there but not the last…such an incredible venue to train! We arrived and I was tempted of doing a brick session, something that I was missing for the next weekend in the Ingolstadt triathlonIMG_6794My workout was a 2x[5k bike+2k bike] on competition pace. Feeling tired but so good to add a session without fuel on my body. An extra 1.500m swimming with a competition tempo and enjoying the sun. To celebrate that we (almost) did, we jump into the water =)

1.500m swimming to finish the trip!

Then we returned home and closed the day with another strong training day and 52k on the bike. Fair enough.

Total Volume: 283k, 11h45′, 2.000m positive altitude.
Fun: Unlimited
A word: Unforgettable

To wrap up, it was a beautiful trip on the bike but also discovering parts of Germany that I had never visited. It was so funny and such a an experience to share with Nicki. She’s extremely strong, even more that I thought! She was spinning in such a pace, not complaining and being the perfect partner ever =)

See you in the next adventure!

Dani Juan


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