TRAINING 2015: 1 to 7 June


June is finally here! I really like this month, thus is not as warm as in July-August but the weather starts to be delicious to train, go to a terrace (biergarten is also a great choice) or kick the outside pool off.
In Bavaria during this months, we have some days of raining, but when the sun is shinning, is just breathtaking.

In terms of training, the week was special due to a ride-trip (take a glance through the link) that Nicki’s and myself did around the south of Munich, close to the Austrian border. The landscapes and joy, as you can imagine, was incredible. I have created a post and a video will come soon, so stay tuned on that one 😉

Hence, my swimming-running was lower than often, but also good to recover a bit and be ready to the next competition, that is in one week in the Olympic Triathlon of Ingolstadt. So keening on!
Anyway, I tried to did some training sessions with high intensity, to ensure that my muscles are ready to move fast and not only to follow a steady-endurance pace.

On Saturday I discovered an amazing area to train: The Regatta München. There was crowd of people doing a bunch of sports, like running, cycling, rowing, swimming or just hanging out with a book on the grass.
With this panorama and motivated by some guys doing transitions (they were quite strong I pray, thus at least I counted 10 sets of the whole circle (swim-bike-run) in a fast pace), I decided to put my runners out and adapt my training day to the scene. Finally, it was great to practice some bricks over there. I need to come back soon =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [25k] + Brick: Bike [21k] + Run [5k] – Competition tempo
Tuesday: Bike [23k] – Adidas Team Building
Wednesday: Swim [1.500m]
Thursday: Bike [135k] – Bike-tour
Friday: Run [7k] + Bike [95k] – Bike-tour
Saturday: Bike [52k] + Brick: 2x[5k bike+2k run] + Swim [1.500m]
Sunday: Run [10k]
TOTAL: Sw [3k] + Bi [351k] + Ru [22k]

Dani Juan


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