Training Tools: Devices I


I’m a bit geek with technology and for training even more.
I was always attracted with the idea of try different devices and check the final outcome after my sessions. I remember when I was playing football how the coach set up in our chests the heartbands to track our pulse during the pre-stage period. Since there, I started being interested in what technology could brings to sport and its benefits.
During my Sport Sciences studies, we dig deeper in some of them, but less that I would like. It was more focus in physiological indicators (lactato, vo2max and so on) and biomechanics than in tech tools.

When I started with triathlon, my first “serious” tool was the Garmin Forerunner 310XT (still using to compete and I’m so happy with it). I also tried other running gps, as Polar, but I’d rather Garmin so far. Maybe I’m just more familiar with the software.

In terms of apps, I do not like to run with something in my pockets/hands, so I didn’t use more than a couple of times the Runtastic, Nike+ etc.

I’ve to confess that since my Adidas SmartRun is broken, I’m running with my iphone and using the Strava app…don’t want to lose some kilometers to my 2015’s odometer =).
I will write my insights on that one soon.

On the other hand, I’m a lucky tester of Adidas ait (innovation team), meaning that I test devices, software and equipment before is eventually released to retail. I use to provide constructive feedback to give the ok or rather to suggest some changes or just to disagree with some features of the product. It’s amazing to be able to do so =)

Nowadays, I’m using the following devices list:

  • Running:
    • Adidas SmartRun
    • Adidas FitSmart
  • Bike:
    • Garmin Edge 1000
    • Catlike odometer
  • Swim:
    • Just a decathlon chrono watch
  • Triathlon and Brick sessions:
    • Garmin 310 xt

I will write how I combine them, which ones are my choice during training and my set up for competition.
Also (and I think quite interesting), which platforms I use to track and analyze my results, how I share and motivation tips of using such a bunch of tech.
As you can see, I’m still not as minimalist as to run without any device in my wristband, chest etc.

Stay tuned,
Dani Juan


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