Races 2015: Ingolstadt Triathlon

Hi folks,

It’s race weekend, meaning it’s time to struggle the body to perform as better as possible.
After the MRRC München Triathlon, I move to the Ingolstadt Triathlon, to race the Olympic distance over there.
This month is quite hectic, thus I’m competing three Sundays in a row, something that I was looking for when planning the season. The weather is nice now, so I’d rather to compete more and to do less long training as in the cold months of the year.

As I was mentioning in the lasts training summaries, I’m facing some problems in the quads since a while. On top of this, I’m adding now an extra soreness: A wound in my ass due to the saddle.
Therefore, I was trying to avoid long sessions this week, but running away of a tapering week, thus is not the moment and not the race to. I don’t want to create a peak of performance in these races that I just want to have fun.
Hence, the week was going with a bunch of kilometers less in the running and on the bike, but pushing hard a couple of days and dragging the effort of our last bike-tour around Bavaria.

Focusing in the race, the Ingolstadt Triathlon offers three main distances: Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman. My choice is the Olympic one this time.

  • The Swimming will take place in a lake, as most of the triathlons in the south of Germany (pool or lake, there’s not many other options).
    The start will be split by waves (5′ split)
    It will include 3 buoys and apparently you could avoid some fights after the start
  • The Bike, it will go through the Ingolstadt region, with a first 20k going uphill (or with a predominant positive gradient) and a second 20k to push your maximum downhill.
    I would love to check the circuit in advance, but this time is not going to be possible, so I have to prepare my head before.
  • And for the Running, 1 round around the lake.
    I’d rather when is split in a couple of laps, thus I can manage better the pace. The first lap to recognize the points to push and to save, the second to run smart. But in general this 1 loop looks amazing as well.
Swimming and Running course
rad map
Biking course – profile

So, time to make the last training sessions, prepare all the stuff and head to Ingolstadt to have a funny morning over there 🙂

Last but not least, I will competing with a new suit customize

Dani Juan


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