TRAINING 2015: 8 to 14 June


I’m facing a three-weeks in a row of competition, so trying to plan and organize everything as smart as possible, although is not easy at all.
The week started good, apparently not as tired as expected after our bike-touring and training intensive block.

However, on Monday I was in the treadmill for an interval training, feeling quite good during all the session, but getting my quads stiff again afterwards.
On Tuesday, the idea was to keep it easy on the pool and swim with the wetsuit for the weekend. But, when I arrived to the door, a notice obey me to change my plans and hit the Wednesday session, meaning a intense brick bike-run in the gym.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Closed due to cold temperature of the water…

Feeling with a lot of soreness after the session, but happy to check that I’m already closer to a competitive shape. Now crossing fingers to stop with the quads issues…
The worst thing is a wound in the ass, produced due to the saddle, that is avoiding me ride the kilometers goal of the week. That happened to me last year 2 weeks before the IronMan 70.3 – Zell Am See, and was terrible to my shape to be almost 14 days out of the bike. Let’s see.

On Sunday it was Race-Day! meaning time to to struggle and test my shape.
I created a video to show you all how a triathlon in Germany looks like, you can easily watch it clicking here.

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [10k] – treadmill
Tuesday: Brick session: Bike 12k WU + 3x[5k bike+1.5k run] + Bike 2.5k CD
Wednesday: Bike [25.5k] + Swim [2.000m]
Thursday: Bike [25k]
Friday: Swim [1.800m] + Bike [17k]
Saturday: Run [5k]
SundayIngolstadt Triathlon – 2h12’23” – 32nd overall 7th Age Group
TOTAL: Sw [5.3k] + Bi [137k] + Ru [30k]

Dani Juan


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