Wrap up of the week – June 14th, 2015


A week in a glance, as follows:

  • For cycling lovers, a new movie has been produced by China. Watch the trailer, looks no understandable at all but great though.
    A quick note: The actors ride more than 62,000 miles while shooting (not sure on that one). Article here.
  • Sir Bradley Wiggins destroyed the 1h UCI record at Lee Valley Velopark.
    The bar has been rise until 54,526 km.
  • Rapha designed a taylormade outfit for such an attempt, designing and trimming with care any single detail, achieving an amazing result.
    You can take a look of how they made the garment.
  • Barcelona FC won the Champions League in Berlin last Saturday 6th. It’s the 3rd title of the team (3/3) in the current season. Awesome!
  • Switching to Tennis, where the Swiss Stan Vawrinka surprised most of us winning Roland Garros against the fittest player of the last years, Nole Djockovic.
    In women, the title was conquered by Serena Williams.
    It was a great Sunday evening vibering with the rallies in the couch =)
  • The first European Games are being celebrated in Baku these weeks [12 to 18 June]
    To highlight, the full tv coverage that they’re having and also the great youtube official channel, with many broadcasts in a short time after the meetings.
    The website also looks really fresh and dynamic. Well done =)

Let’s see what’s this week brings!

Dani Juan


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