Ingolstadt Triathlon – Sum up

Hi folks,

Last Sunday I was racing in the Ingolstadt Triathlon, city of Audi.
It was actually my fourth time around the “Deutsch stadt“, after one sightseeing and a couple of bike-store checking.
The city is surrounded by the known german car brand Audi, and you can feel it before when driving in the highway.
Let’s talk about Triathlon, bitte =)

One last point before fire my words away. I created a video of the race day, so you can avoid (or better, do both!) reading the following text. Take a glance, I edited it by my own and the result is, at least, funny to watch =)

I woke up at 5.30am, prepared a coffee in my bialetti moka espress (please guys do not use soap to clean this beauty) and tshibo brewed coffee. A bowl with fruit, wheat and yogurt and ready to put my triathlon suit. I use to prepare everything the night before, just postposing the pumping of the tyres until the race day, to ensure I’ve 8 bar in my inner tubes.
Then, one of my rituals is to read the press when having breakfast and tasting the just-done coffee, even if I’ve to scratch some minutes to my sleeping. Never mind, always fresher with 30′ less in the bed rather to avoid this breakfast-reading-coffee combo.
Finishing the breakfast and heading to the car. Setting the navi up and driving to the venue.

Around 1h10′ later, I arrived to the parking of the race. The venue was in a lake, meaning it was enough parking and facilities (as SUP renting, a restaurant etc.) to enjoy a long day.
First of all I demounted (and mounted) my bike, took my backpack and all the stuff and headed to pick the slot up. Sticky time (it’s incredible the amount of sticks that we’ve to put into our stuff for every race) and dropping off of the bike into the transition area, which was huge and complicate, because this day it was several races at the same time (sprint, olympic, half ironman, relies) and the amount of people was high.
PS: Later I was confused in the T2, losing some seconds due I took the wrong aisle…grrr
After that, I went to the lake, put my wetsuit on and started my warmup, with an easy 500m through the lake.

Race start, I’m in the start line and I can see the world Ironman champion Faris al Sultan with a huge goggles and a golden cap. He looks so hilarious. That means a no-professional differentiation, meaning we’re all split by age groups. With this set up, I can already forget to be in the top 5 of my age group, that it’s always my target.
Revolver ready to fire away and boom, here we go. The start was from the sand, running into the lake and one single lap of 1.500m.
I thought when checking the course an explaining it in my previous post that the Swimming would be easy, but I was completely wrong. There is a battle in the water and I’m receiving and providing hits to a bunch of people. In the buoys, there is not truce.
After not feeling sliding enough, I find a good pace in the last 750m, to get out of the water below 24′, as targeted.
T1 flawless and jumping into the bike.

I’m now in the Biking segment, trying to fasten my shoes properly and focus in my weakest discipline. I’m in a good situation right now, but I miss a group to stick (respecting the no drafting rules of course) to their pace. There’s no group coming up, only 3 to 4 isolated guys that definitely have a faster pace than mine. I try to hold the pace, but it’s simply not possible, thus my odometer is already showing a speed close to 40k/h and I’m not a strong cyclist. The segment went on that dynamic from the beginning to the end, some guys overtook me, but not probably less than 2 digits in total, which is more than amazing accordingly to my level. I’m feeling good, in my pace and ensuring a strong running, thus I’m feeling with gas. Just the last 5k a bunch of 4 guys catch me up, and I decided to stay with them until T2. The bike-tour and the hours on the bike are working.
T2 missing my aisle and losing time (you can’t just pass down the racks, you’ve to come back to the main aisle and search yours).

Last effort of the race, the 10k Running. I was making my plan in the last kilometers of the bike, and I decided to run in a negative split, so going faster the last kilometers rather to start running into the limit.
Note: I use to run in competition full gas from the beginning, arriving always to the last minutes out of gas. 
I’m striding properly, with the breath under control and my heartbeats steady. I’m only checking the Garmin every 3k, and apparently I’m in a steady pace of 3’50”-55” k. Good. The course is a bit uncomfy, thus is around the lake and plenty of gravel. At this time, we’re close to 2h and any small hurdle is hurting.
I do the first lap slightly below 20′, so we’re on time. I’m overtaking people and no one is chasing me, so I’m doing good.
The second lap is more complicate, thus the path is plenty of people facing his first lap, and I can’t recognize who is in heading to the finish line or just starting the running.
After struggling some kilometers, I find the last gas in the body and I close the 10k with 39’09” or so. A room to improve but feeling good.

Crossing the finish line with 2h12’23”, a 32rd overall and 7th age group.

To sum up, a great Event, with loads of people cheering and a stunning day around Bavaria.
In terms of performance, my target was below 2h20′, so I’m quite happy with the final results and above all the great sensations in the bike and the running.
An experience to be alone the whole race, from the beginning to the end. I always competed with some friend or I had some support in the race, but this time i was solo. Good experience though!

Next stop on Sunday, the Forccheim Triathlon!

Stay tuned,
Dani Juan


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