Training Tools: Adidas SmartRun

Hi folks,

In my first post about devices I was summarizing, in a really top level, the tools that I’m using nowadays during training.

I would like to split this serial into two big categories: Training and Competing. The reason is because my set up changes dramatically in the daily basis and in the races.
When in the Training sessions I love to play with several devices at the same time, in Competitions I try to be as light as possible, having some indicators that I need to control the race but also being led by sensations.

In addition, another must category split, is by Sport. Triathlon is 3 sports (+transitions, considered by the 4th one) all combined in one. But, normally the 90% of your sessions are quite isolated, meaning whether you’re not a professional, you can’t do as much bricks as you would ideally need.

Let’s focus firstly in Training and Running.
As you read in my previous list, I try to avoid mobile in this sessions, but that doesn’t mean a lack of technology on. If i’m not doing a specific running based on sensations and not in time/pace/distance, I always run with a gps watch.

Nowadays I’m testing the Adidas SmartRun (already in the market) and after some months of training, races and comparisons, I can say out loud that it’s a killer.
It is so optimal to train with your beats without a heartband (it’s included in the wristband), to be able to listen your music saved in the watch and connected wireless with a headset. Of course, the rest of features of any given gps watch: Pace, speed, distance, ghost runner etc. everything easily customisable.

Regarding the screen-display that I use, it depending, but my set up use to show 4 main fields/indicators: Time-Pace-Heartbeats-Distance.
A second set up, that includes just Time and Distance, in case I want to hide the pace and follow more sensations.
A third one with Lap Time-Pace-Distance-Heartbeats. This one is highly useful when you are doing your intervals and sets sessions, to check the average on-situ but also afterwards at home.

And the final part is to synchronize the device with a platform to track and analyze the sessions. In the SmartWatch is quite easy, thus when you have the device link to your home’s wifi it will be sync automatically when at home.
Then, the data will be uploaded to the adidas.micoach site, with all the fields: Map, graphs etc. and ready to share in your timeline, social network and so on.

Which devices and how are you using for training?
Any advice/suggestion?

Dani Juan



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