Races 2015: Forchheim Stadt Triathlon

Hi folks!

For the second week in a row, I’ve a triathlon coming up (and is not the last of this month!). This one, is the Forchheim Stadt Triathlon, in a sprint distance with 500m swimming, 23km on the bike and 5k running.
When I made my inscription it was like a preparation for the Rothsee triathlon, that will take place next Sunday. The idea was to arrive with a high volume/intensity of training and compete tired, but I was sick part of the week and my plan was screwed up, meaning I didn’t taper and I didn’t train as planned either, with an unknown performance on the race.
Anyway, I will be there just enjoying the show =)

The Swimming will take place in a 50m outdoor pool with a bunch of people in the same lane and at the same time of you. That will ensure hits and I expect some problems turning in the deck.

forchheim wechselzoneAfterward, a 23k Biking length split in 4 laps around the city. It seems it will be fast at 2 points, but with a lot of curves in the rest. That’s make me still doubt if competing with the triathlon bike or rather with the road one.
As I said in the last video, the triathlons in Germany are always in a no-drafting, so I have freedom to choose the more convenient bike in any race. Forchheim rad


And finally the Running, with 5k around the transition area divided by 2 laps. Here is time to take all the gas out and try to finish strong. It’s look quite ok, let’s see how is the terrain, whether tarmac, gravel or grass. Maybe a mixture.

forchheim laufenAnd this is it! So far I didn’t check the course and I don’t expect to have time to do so, but let’s see if tomorrow I take a ride around there =)
The aim is to enjoy the race, keep on building the shape for the coming races and get rid of this cold as soon as possible.
Again, this is not my best-fitting distance, meaning I don’t expect to be as faster as the specialist of the short triathlons.

Dani Juan


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