TRAINING 2015: 15 to 21 June

Hi folks,

Unlucky week for me, with a cold since Monday that didn’t allow me to train as I had planned. My idea after the Ingolstadt Triathlon was to do a day and a half easy and then push hard the rest of the week, competing in fatigue and relaxing for the next Olympic Triathlon in Roth.
Anyway, this is sport and is happening, so I adapted as better as possible to the no optimal situation, trying to follow the “healthy first” and not screwing the competition of Sunday in the Forchheim Stadt Triathlon. I will write a post soon with the post race wrap up, but find in the meantime a video of the race:

Therefore, on Monday I commute to the office on the bike, starting feeling weak but addressing the sensation to the last competition. However, when I arrived home, I started feeling bad, cold and dramatically tired. On Tuesday I decided (with good criteria) to come to the office by car, and eventually was a wise decision, thus after lunch I decided to follow the work-day from home.
Wednesday better but still so so, meaning I worked from home and just take an easy run with the aim of sweating the cold out. The rest of the week was in the same dynamic, feeling so so and training just a few, more for my head than for the body instead.
The bigger loser was my swimming, thus with the cold I was trying to avoid as much as possible to jump into the water.
All this complicate week it was maybe necessary to rest. (or I want to think so).

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [21k] + Bike [21k]
Tuesday: KO
Wednesday: Run [10k]
Thursday: Brick: Bike [5k] + 2x[5k bike+2k run] + 1x[2,5k bike+1k run] + Bike [5k]
Friday: Swim [1.700m] + Bike [20k]
Saturday: Run [4k]
SundayForchheim Triathlon – 1h09’58” – 22nd overall 5th Age Group
TOTAL: Sw [2.3k] + Bi [110k] + Ru [24k]

Dani Juan


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