How to be faster in competition

Hi all,

Is quite often to listen about the perfect tapering week before an important competition.
Most of the coaches, athletes and sport contributors lead this topic with variables as training, rest and nutrition. I do agree with them, it’s always necessary to decrease your training hours, increase your resting time and let your body assimilate all the training done before.
Anyway, this post is not about this but about which factor could you trick to compensate a lack of shape. Or, how you will race faster with the same amount of training.

I’m going to explain you my formula. I normally taper one or two weeks per season, and my performance is slightly the same than the rest of races that I don’t do so. The reason behind, I guess, is because I’m not a high performance athlete, like most of you.

My secret to be faster in a competition is the Weight. When you have not time, strength or the skills as other athletes, you can perform until a given point. Once in this peak, you need to train other aspects, as for example transitions in triathlon or an efficient drafting in cycling.
Therefore, a couple of kilograms less (or even 1) in the competition will allow you to move faster, due to the light “backpack” to carry on.
That does not mean that you have to make a fasting in the competition week, because you probably will arrive without energy and the effect will be totally the other way around.

Some guidelines that may help you out to achieve it:

  • Start: A couple of week before
  • Set a goal: 1kg loss by week
  • Draw a plan: Write all your daily meals
  • Track results: Use platforms as myfitnesspal to monitor and control you intake
  • Mix: More protein, less carbos and avoid sweets
  • Think Smart: Do not forget that the perfect balance of all the elements of above (training, rest, diet and head) would give you wings in the competition day, but a lack of one of them could screw the race up.
  • The Extra 10%: Forget to be obsess and don’t add any extra training session in your schedule. Job is done, this is just the last leverage, but don’t modify the rest of the formula

Which are you tricks to fly on a race?

Dani Juan


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