Forchheim Triathlon – Sum up

Hi folks,

Last Sunday I was, as posted, racing the 3rd triathlon race of the season: The Stadt Triathlon of Forchheim. Just as quick reminder, the distance was a sprint-no drafting, with 500m swimming, 24k biking and 5k running.

I arrived there before 8.00 am to pick my slot, drop my running stuff off in the T2 and prepare the bike in the T1, close to the pool. The transitions were around 4k far away, so it was mandatory to arrive with enough buffer to hit the closing times.
As I was saying in the vlog, my starting wave was the last one, meaning my kick off was planned for 12.25. Indeed, 4 hours later.
Anyway, I took the slot, prepare my T2 and head to the T1.

The sky was totally dark, with a high percentage of raining probabilities and around 11 degrees. Even for me that I’m a freak of sport, it was a day to be at the couch with a blanket, a book and a hot coffee, and only move my ass to prepare another coffee, pick some food and take the remote to turn the TV on searching for some easy american comedy. Instead, I was in a little but beautiful town of Franconia, ready to jump into the cold water without wetsuit (correct, I didn’t brought it with me).
Meeting Damjan, a TEAMadidas colleague when preparing my bike for the show, we finished with the last checking and went to the pool deck.
The first waves started around 10.00am, and we decided to look for a warm place. Lucky us, it was an indoor pool just 20m for the outdoor one, so we (and most of the triathletes) ran away from the raining into the shed. After some hours, I went for a running, some warm up and above all, I tried to change dramatically my attitude, because there is not point to compete in such a negative mood.

12.15, I’m in the spare outdoor pool warming up. It’s raining, the water is cold but is like it is, I can’t change anything now but adapt. Last call for the last waving, I’m going to my lane and the judge does not allow me to jump with my cap. Reason is because there are two guys with the same color and I need to change. With my poor German, imagine the show. When I understand what he is saying, I run for a new one and the race start. Fu**. I pick a random cap from a table and jump into the water, when the group is 25m in front. What a great start =). Delay Swimming start for me and I catch the last guy after 100m, I overtake him but the first 4 units are too far away and I’m paying the extra effort of the first hectic meters. I try to think quick and I decide to stay on the feet of the guy. Being realistic, I can’t catch the first bunch, so I chose to save some energy for the bike.

Out of the water, with a good 7’35” or so and running to the T1. I pass my chip-watch (in this race you have the chip in your wrist and have to pass in a machine in every transition and in the end), fast my helmet and belt up and running out of the transition.

Is Biking time, the tarmac is totally wet and with floods, it’s raining and my shoes are completely wet. I’m trying desperate to catch a group, but instead of this I’m overtaken by two or three guys that simply are faster in the corners. It’s crazy, the asphalt is totally wet and they are just taking the curves like in dry conditions. I’m not as confident as them, so I brake in every corner and avoiding to fall down. The circuit is 4 laps, and in the big avenue I catch always 2 or 3 guys, that I lose immediately when the zig zag is coming.
The raining is harder now, and I can’t feel my feet, thus they’re wet, I’m cold and I’m not wearing socks.
Last lap and hitting the T2. dropping the bike and trying to do a fast transition.

Running starts, and my feet are definitely out of the game. The sensation is quite strange, thus I have not feeling in them. It’s like I’ve not flesh to cushion my strides but bones. I felt that in the IronMan 70.3 Zell am See last year, but I think my mind was deleting this from the hard disk to avoid quitting of triathlon.
Anyway, I’m so piss with my poor performance so far, so I’m running fast, overcoming the elements, the sensations and all I can. After the race and checking the splits, the average was 3’40” per k, so a fast running in a dark day.

Crossing the line with 1h9’58” in my garmin, around 1h10’10” or so in the official time. I guess this is the elapsed time of the delayed start…
Finishing 22nd overall and 5th age group, in a race that I did not enjoy in any of its part.

This is it, time to prepare the Rothsee Triathlon and try to finish this June with a good taste.

Dani Juan


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