TRAINING 2015: 22 to 28 June

Hi guys,

The summer is not here, at least not in Bavaria. We were facing raining and temperatures below 10 degrees since last wee, doing epic (to say somehow) any single session. In the bike I counted 4 days being showered on the saddle.
Anyway, I’ve to say that I (strange) enjoyed a lot facing the elements. Maybe I’m turning a bit German.

In terms of training, I was racing on Sunday the Forchheim Triathlon, but I had a bad sensation due to the bad performance and the lack of training because of the sickness of last week.
Therefore, I was training more than planned, thus I had a new competition on Sunday, this time the Rothsee Triathlon. Why? Basically because my body was shouting and keening on riding, swimming and running, and I’d rather enjoy the training vs being 10 positions up in the classification.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [21k] + Bike [21k] + Run [7.3k]
Tuesday: Bike [21k] + Bike [27k]
Wednesday: Swim [1.500m] + Brick: B[5k]+[B 10k+R 3k]+[B 7k+R 2k]+[B 4k+R 1k]+B[4k]
Thursday: Bike [21k] + Run [10k] + Bike [27k]
Friday: Swim [1.500m]
Saturday: Run [5k]
SundayRothsee Triathlon – 2h18’58” – 71st overall 16th Age Group
TOTAL: Sw [4.5k] + Bi [186k] + Ru [38k]

Dani Juan


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