TRAINING 2015: 29 to 5 July

Hi guys,

A week without competition after three Sundays in a row is more than welcome. Don’t misunderstand me, it was a blast, but a bit of rest is also necessary.
Anyway, the training is not stopping at all, thus in 3 weeks, July 26th,  I will suit up the triathlon outfit again to compete in the Herzoman with the TEAMadidas, trying to conquer again the Puma trophy and bringing it to the Adidas Home.

On the other hand, after only 500 km, my Tarmac’s rear tyre was broken. A big scratch in the lateral side, making my inner tubes get flat over and over. To avoid the problem, I decided to change both, with a anti-puncture materials (Schwalbe durano Performance). The pros of this kind of tyres are the protection against punctures, and the biggest weakness is the weight. This ones, with a 340g/tyre, I think are more than convenient when the aim is to commute and doing some long ridings.
For competition, I will use (as always) the Fuji with the carbon wheelset, ensuring a light weapon to face the bike course.

From Thursday to Friday I was in Berlin, so no many training there but a lot of walking through the stores. A good workout though!
And on the weekend, tired, with 35º outsides and not feeling like to train, so I decided to rest body and mind at home, with some walking, coffee, reading etc.

Here the summary:
Monday: Swim [1.500m] + Run [9.3k]
Tuesday: Bike [21k] + Run-Chamber Test [10k]
Wednesday: Bike [25k] + Bike[25k]
Thursday: Run [6k] – Berlin
Friday: Run [10k] – Berlin
Saturday: Swim [3.000m]
Sunday: Run [5k] quads problems +  Swim [2.000m]
TOTAL: Sw [6.5k] + Bi [71k] + Ru [41,3k]

Dani Juan


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