TRAINING 2015: 6 to 12 July

Hi athletes,

Training easy and commuting by bike as much as possible during this week.
With not any plan scheduled, I just give my body movement and so some “Must” sessions that I try to do weekly to ensuring maintaining the shape.
I would like to talk about this at some point, because I think with a couple of sessions that works for you, you can save weeks of traveling, lack of training or even when you are sick for a few days.

In Germany we are also involved into a warm wave, with a weather close to 35º in some days but with the difference that “vaya vaya, aquí no hay playa”, that makes the heat not good at all. But not complaining =)

I have been today in the Challenge Roth with the bike, you can watch some images through the vlog I have created for. Enjoy =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [22.5k] + Bike [22.5k]
Tuesday: Bike [22.5k] + Bike [22.5k] + Swim [2.500m]
Wednesday: Bike [22.5k] + Bike[22.5k]
Thursday: Run [22k] + Bike [22k] + Run [5k] – Brick
Friday: Swim [1.800m] + Run [9,2k]
Saturday: Swim [4.000m] + Run [8,3k]
Sunday: Bike [56.5k]
TOTAL: Sw [8,3k] + Bi [234k] + Ru [30k]

Dani Juan


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