Casillas F.C

Hi guys,

First of all, I would like to make a clear statement: I’m a Barcelona supporter but above all… I Love Football.

The media is flooded by thousand million of opinions about the recent moving of Casillas out of Madrid, being hired by Oporto.
I do like Casillas, quite a lot. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of football and one of the hero’s of the Spanish national team during our golden years.
However, I disagree with most of the words that are surrounding this topic. Let me explain myself:

Football is a sport, and if you play in 1st, 2nd or 2nd B division in almost any country, you need to have a high performance. If your shape in not so good, it’s time to make some changes. Teams are set up to WIN and this requires to have the best guys in your lineup.
Moreover, if we highlight clubs as Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich etc. your performance should be OUTSTANDING, season by season.
If we do a comparison with other sports, as track&field or so, most of the players will be kicked out sooner from their clubs. But, once again, this is Football.

On the other hand, the clubs also want to make money. As “club” they can’t earn and get rich as a company, but they can use this coins to hire new players. And how this income is coming? Not only competing in tournaments/leagues etc., but also a big part is coming from tickets and, here we go, merchandising products, meaning jerseys and so on.

So here, if we glue the pieces of just a normal performance, too many years in the club and no titles in the last year (and a bad image in the field), the decision to sell Casillas, at least on my eyes, is correct.

Therefore, I believe in, as Jorge Valdano says, the cycle of players in a club. Xavi Hernandez or Casillas are the best examples for that. They were filling years of glory for their clubs, no one is questioning that they still are on the top, but it’s time to refresh the locker room, the team and find future talents to take over of the upcoming years.

What I totally understand and I’m a bit surprised, is about the way of leaving the club. Nothing special and all for the back door. Curious.

To sum up, I think that Casillas is still able to perform in a top level for several years, no doubt on that one. He is my favorite goal keeper and a gentleman as a person.
But I think Florentino, that is quite intelligent and a lynx for the business, made a good decision.

Again, my thoughts, don’t take it so serious =)

Dani Juan


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