TRAINING 2015: 13 to 19 July

Hi folks!

Training week done and ready to the 4th triathlon of the season: The Herzoman.
This weekend I was in Munich, enjoying some days of relax, bbq’s and sun sessions in the lake. Nothing planned, just taking it easy and adapting of what we were keening on.
In the end, it was great to have a couple of days of open water non-stop swimming, thus to train only in a pool flipping every 25m, it’s a bit tedious every now and then.

The bike was nothing special. Commuting a couple of days to the office but trying to push in a competition pace. Also 3 brick sessions, that are necessary to get some intensity up. Not to many volume though, but happy with the sensations in the brick sessions.

To be honest, I’m enjoying so much training, commuting to the office and I want to play some football games again. I’m not keening on competing now, I guess I will be ready for the last two competitions of the year, but I’d rather to have the weekends off nowadays.

Let’s see what the week is bringing!!

Here the summary:
Monday: Gym [20′] + CrossTrainer [5k]
Tuesday: Swim [2.500m]
Wednesday: Bike [22k] + Brick: Bike[ 22k] + Run [9k]
Thursday: Bike [22k] + Run [9k] + Bike [22k]
Friday: Swim [1.700m] + Brick: Bike [10k] + Run [2,5k] + Bike [5k] + Run [1k]
Saturday: Swim [3.000m]
Sunday: Brick: Run [4,5k] + Swim [2.300m] + Run [4,5k]
TOTAL: Sw [9.5k] + Bi [103k] + Ru [35.5k]

Dani Juan



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