Triathlon: Between shape and mind

Hi guys,

I have a strange sensation in the last weeks. Let me explain it through the next lines.
This year I’m competing in a short distance, meaning sprint and olympic triathlons without drafting, all of them around Bavaria area, Germany.
The preparation of the year was close to flawless, only having some little injuries but nothing serious that made me stop or screw my plans.
With this combination of no injuries and a positive attitude of training, some changes that I introduced in my routine and so on, my shape was the best of my triathlon career (to call it somehow).
The results arrived since the first races of the season, with a great 3rd in MRRC München, a 5th in Ingolstadt, a decent Rothsee time etc.
Here I would like to highlight that I’m just an Age Group, meaning I do it for fun and for sure I’m so far away from the pros. They could destroy me in the three disciplines easily.

To be more specific, I would say that the Swimming is being like last year, slightly slower but I think is only a matter of bad competition mood. The Biking is definitely a step up, with better time than last year and more important, being able to hold a group pace (respecting the distance ;)). And in the Running I’m super happy, with a sub 38′ in an Olympic triathlon and sub 18′ in a sprint. This overcome my target of the year.
Therefore, it will be crazy not to keep on going with some competition and to take the leverage of such a shape, right?

There is a big problem popping up in my mind last weeks. I had a really bad time during the Forchheim triathlon, feeling weak and sick from the beginning and having again the no-feeling on my feet (like in the last year IronMan 70.3 Zell am See). I finished the race with a bittersweet sensation, happy for such a fast time in that conditions but mentally overwhelmed.

After this race and Rothsee, I was training as usual, following my training basis, but when thinking about the following competitions is being a tremendous mountain to climb. I’m not keening at all in put myself again in the deck of the pool to start racing and I’d rather spend the week training hard, riding long or just taking it easy with some weekend like the last one, plenty of bbq, lake and fun.

With such an attitude and negative thoughts, it’s not ideal to take part of any race.
I do sport to HAVE FUN and because I actually LOVE DOING SPORTS, is part of my lifestyle and I can say out loud that I can’t live without training almost daily, because give me all what I need to overcome in any topic and feeling great.
But when this turns into an obligation or a wall, I’m not sure at all whether I’m doing the correct or I should give a shit (sorry for the expression) to the competition, taking in consideration that I’m not living of triathlon and is just a hobby that makes me happy.

Currently I have the Herzoman this Sunday and on Sunday 2th the Erlangen Olympic Triathlon. Two more races and the season will be over. I’m not sure nowadays what I’m going to decide in the last minute, whether following my mind and rejecting my participation or change my mindset to a positive one, put my trisuit on and give my best to close a great year of triathlon.

Dani Juan


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